Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Reading

This blog was started as an opportunity to share books that my family enjoys with others. I want to be able to share books that interest a large variety of people, and as the holidays are upon us, I find I might need a little help in this. 

My family is Christian. We celebrate Christmas and do what we can to teach not just the Santa/Gifts/Decorations side of the holiday, but also the Jesus/religious parts to our son and others in our family. I am fully aware and accept that not all people follow our beliefs, and I respect that. However, I do not know much about or own children's books about the other holidays people follow this time of year. (I used to when I was teaching, but I have sense given many of those books away to other teachers, and find myself at a loss now as to what to share with those of other faiths.) 

I would ask for your help now. If you are one who celebrates in a manner other than Christmas during the Holiday Season, please pass along some of your traditions! If you know of any good children's books that are geared towards your religion or faith, please leave a comment letting me know. I am very interested in sharing those with the readers of this blog in addition to sharing the books from my own library! 

Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to seeing what comes my way!

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

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