Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

I remember the birth of my son very well. Perhaps it was the fact that I did it without medication, despite my carefully laid plans to be numb from the neck down when I had my first child. (I vowed at the time never to have another child! My husband and I are considering trying for another child later this year, but at the time I meant it!) Perhaps it is the fact that after several years of believing it would never happen, I was finally holding a beautiful baby, my beautiful baby, in my arms! Perhaps it is just something that is forever etched in your mind as a mother, no matter the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and birth.

Whatever the reason, I remember at the time the feeling that the whole world must know of this amazing event. Surely if I looked outside the Heavens would have sent down rainbows and glittering gold! Trumpets would be blasting and people would be dancing in the street! Surely, all over the world, in the moment of my son's birth ,people had stopped and looked to the sky, overwhelmed with a feeling or awe and contentment. Surely the planet knew that the most amazing person in the world had just taken his first breath, and celebrated accordingly.

I think, more likely than not, that most parents feel that way when they first look at that amazing little being they have created. This is why I think that On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman is such an amazing book. All those feeling you have as a new parent, feelings that the entire world must be celebrating with you at the arrival of this new, amazing little person, are captivated in this book.

It tells the story of the night you were born (The "you" being your child.) and assures the reader (or the one being read to) that the world celebrated the moment of their birth. That never before had someone been born with such amazing little toes, such a beautiful face. The reader is told, quite accurately, that there had never been another like them, nor will there be ever again. 

I love this book. I found it in the book store, while shopping for my son's first birthday, and stood in the center of the isle crying like a idiot as I read the words that touched me because they reflected EXACTLY how I felt looking at my infant son. It touched me so much that I bought two copies, one for my son for his birthday, and one for a friend's son who was also turning one. (She had tried for four years to conceive him, and I knew that the truth of the story would touch her heart too.) 

This is a book I would buy for every baby shower, every first birthday, every time I have a chance I will share this book with another set of new parents. (And their little one of course!) I am that touched every time I pick up this book to share with my own little miracle!

And I haven't even talked about how much I enjoy the beautiful illustrations!!!

To my delight, Nancy Tillman also made a baby's first year book to accompany this wonderful book called The Wonder Of You: A Book Celebrating Baby's First Year. While my son already has a baby book, I fully plan on getting this book as a baby book for our next baby, whenever s/he might maker his/her appearance. 

If you would like to learn more about Nancy Tillman or more of her works, please check out her web site

I firmly believe that every child is something to celebrate! Every child is a gift from God! This book reflects that feeling in every beautiful word and every illustration! Get it! Read it! Love it!

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