Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bear's New Friend by Karma Wilson

I love books that give us a chance to spend some more time with old friends! Karma Wilson's fabulous Bear from Bear Snores On and his woodland friends are back to entertain us is Bear's New Friend!!!

My son made choosing this book for this week very easy. It's been his nap time book all week. Every day after reading How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight, which is tradition at nap and bed time (and several other times during the day, as it is his current favorite), he goes down for nap and spends about a half an hour reading to his friends before going to sleep. He has wanted to read Bear's New Friend all week! Not only does he read it to his stuffed friends before nap, but he enjoys reading it to Mommy during the day. On every page Bear gets a smile and a kiss before my son relays the story in his happy one-year-old language.

In Bear's New Friend Bear hear a mysterious noise in the woods. At first Bear thinks it is one of his other friends, but as friend after friend turns up to help search for the source of the unusual sound, it becomes apparent that there must be a new friend in the woods somewhere. Who in the world could it be? 

Every time we read it together it gives me and Bubs a chance to make woodland animal noises together. As with the other Bear books by Karma Wilson, it's easy and fun to give each of Bear's friends their own voices, which delights the little readers! 

I think part of the reason my son loves reading these so much, both with and without me, is the beautiful illustrations by Jane Chapman! They really give life to the wonderful rhymes created by Ms. Wilson. I just want to give the big, fluffy bear a huge hug! 

I highly, highly suggest Bears New Friend, along with all the other Bear books!!! They will make an amazing addition to your own little one's Book Nook!


  1. I have not read those yet but my kids the How Do Dinosaurs Books! Thanks for following. I am following you back!

  2. I used to loove the caterpiller book!!
    Hii! I am late from FF... I would looove a follow back ;)



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