Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eric Carle's ABC

Eric Carle's ABC is currently one of my son's favorite books, if not the favorite. We read it several times a day, and at each sitting we read it several times. He got it for his birthday from Mommy and Daddy, and I am so glad that we picked it up!

 Just like many other ABCs books, each page had a big letter and the picture of something that begins with that letter. ("A" is for "ants", "B" is for "bird", etc, etc.) Unlike other ABCs books though, this one has Eric Carle's usual flair for color and eye catching art!

It is also unique in the way the pages flip up instead of just turning. For example, when you open up the first page you see the entire alphabet on the left side and on the right page you see the previously mentioned "A" with it's cheery trio of ants...but then, instead of flipping the page to see the "B", you flip the "A" page up to reveal both the "B" and "C" pages! You then flip that page back town and turn the page like you would in any other book to arrive at the "D" and "E" pages on which the "E" flips up to reveal "F" and "G"! It contunies this way throughout the book, adding a unique interest not found in many other books. My son loves flipping the pages for me as I read!

 I also like how Mr. Carle uses some animals that you might not find in any other alphabet book. (Do you know what a Narwhal  is? How about a Quetzal? Have you fed your Xolo today?) I think it is a good way for children to learn about animals they might never come into contact with otherwise. Honestly, my only complaint is that the use the slang "rhino" instead of the full "rhinoceros"...which really isn't a complaint, but more of a pet peeve of mine.

I don't know if it is because we have sang his ABCs to him since he was a baby, or because we sign them as we sing, (He has started to try to follow along, which is just adorable!) but his ABCs have always been one of my son's favorite things! Now, because of that, he has fallen in love with this book! Luckily, I love it too, so we share it together over and over again! I hope that is is one you will enjoy sharing with your own family!

If, like me, you enjoy bringing art into your every day and tying it into other things you might be watching or reading, or if you happen to be a teacher looking for an art project to go along with your daily book, try doing Eric Carle Tissue Letters with your child(ren).

Also, if you enjoy my blog, please invite your friends and family to join! I love sharing the books in my son's library, and I would love to share our experiences with as many people as possible!

Happy Reading!

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