Monday, April 26, 2010

Coffee Filter Butterfly

This is such a fun project and can end up being so beautiful too!!! Here is a list of what you will need:

  • White coffee filters
  • Food coloring
  • Water
  • Containers for your food coloring/water mixture
  • Dropper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Clothes pins (optional)
  • Black marker or paint (optional)
  • Paint brush (If you use the black paint)
Fill your containers with water then add food coloring to create the colors you want. Then, using your dropper, drop the colored water onto your coffee filters! When you are happy with your filter, leave it to dry. (This should take about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how wet you get your coffee filter.)

Once your filter has dried you are ready to make it into a butterfly. IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE A CLOTHES PIN READ THIS PARAGRAPH. IF YOU CHOOSE TO JUST USE A PIPE CLEANER GO TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH. While your filter is drying use your black marker or black paint to color your clothes pin black. When your filter and clothes pin are dry, bunch your filter up in the middle and then use your clothes pin to clip it. Finally, use the pipe cleaner to create an antenna and attach it to the clothes pin! Presto, you have a beautiful butterfly to hang from the ceiling or in a window!

If you choose to use the pipe cleaner only, take your dried filter and bunch it up in the middle. Using the pipe cleaner, wrap it around the center to keep it in place. Use the two ends of the pipe cleaner to make the antenna. You now have a beautiful, colorful butterfly to display!

I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading!

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