Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bear Of My Heart (Holiday Special)

BEAR OF MY HEART by Joanne Ryder
In honor of the holiday, I wanted to share the book that I bought to give my son on our first Valentine's Day together. Bear of My Heart caught my eye in the store because I frequently call my son my "Baby Bear". I have always had a love for bears, and it has passed over into my adulthood, and thus transferred into my relationship with my baby boy. 

As it turns out, the book was amazingly appropriate to describe my feelings for my little miracle, and I think that many mommies (and daddies) would probably share my opinion. 

"There are so many bears in the world, dear, but there's no other one that will do. You are the bear of my heart, dear, and I am the one who loves you." starts off a wonderful little story about a baby bear and their parent and the love that is shared between them. 

Mama or Papa (they are never specific as to which) Bear speaks of the promise of the future they have together, showing their baby bear the world and all the things they will teach them and take them to see. 

Then come the promises that every parent makes in their heart on the day of their child's birth...the promises to be there whenever their Baby Bear needs them. The promises to give hugs and kisses, to guide and protect, to be there every time they are needed, because "You are the bear of my heart, dear, and nothing can take that away."

I was in love with this little book and its message long before I got to the last lines. It is now safely tucked away for his first Valentine's Day tomorrow with a little message from Mommy written in the front. I hope one day, years from now, he will be looking through old boxes and packages and come across this book. Maybe he'll decide to read it to his own son or daughter, smiling fondly over the thought of his Mother picking this out so many years ago. And hopefully, holding his own precious little miracle in his arms, he will understand the full extent of the message passed on in these pink, gilded pages. 

"No matter how big you may grow, dear, or whether we're near or apart, I will love you forever and ever, for YOU are the bear of my heart." 

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